A Cycle Plan for Pune

August 2017 News

  • Coming Soon: Preliminary Draft of Pune Cycle Plan, for public comments.
  • Presentation at Tilak Road Ward Office, on 19 August 2017, 11 am at Prabhag Samiti Hall

Selected Results from the Studies done for Pune Cycle Plan


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Pune can be a city where people find cycling, using public transport and walking convenient, comfortable, safe and attractive. Tell me how PMC can help you use a cycle, bus or walk wherever you want to go, for your day to day travel needs. I am committed to address your concerns.

– Kunal Kumar, IAS, Pune Municipal Commissioner on World Environment Day 2016

The Pune Cycle Plan being prepared in 2016 is your chance to help make Pune a cycle-friendly city. Join Us!

Why a Cycle Plan for Pune                                    Schedule for public consultations

BikesCarsPuneTransportation is one of the main civic issues identified by Pune’s citizens. Over 500 motorized two-wheelers and cars are registered in Pune everyday. The increase in motorized traffic is leading to air pollution, health impacts, accidents, congestion and more time wasted stuck in traffic. Widening roads or building flyovers are not long-term solutions.

The vision for future transportation planning as accepted in the  Comprehensive Mobility Plan of Pune (CMP) is

“Moving people safely and economically by emphasizing public transport and non-motorized transport.”

The CMP outlines various measures including improvement of footpaths, investment in public transport, regulation of parking, education and outreach on transportation issues and improved enforcement of traffic regulations.

Non motorized transport includes walk and cycle. Improvements in non-motorized transport are to take place with improved street design, including footpaths and crossings, and the preparation of the Comprehensive Bicycle Plan.9 to 25

The current share of trips by walk and cycle are 32%. The Comprehensive Mobility Plan suggests that by 2031 at least half the trips in Pune, that is 50%, should be by walk or cycle. Pune already has about 23% work trips by walk.

Can the share of work trips by cycle go up from 9% to 25%?

Towards this end, Pune Municipal Corporation is preparing a comprehensive Pune Cycle Plan which will have recommendations for the following components:

  • Physical infrastructure including cycle network, parking
  • Phases of implementation based on identified priorities
  • Financial estimates
  • Implementation mechanisms and staff structure at the Pune Municipal Corporation

Citizens Engagement in Preparing the Plan

Citizens’ inputs will help in shaping the Pune Cycle Plan.There are several opportunities to be involved. Go to ‘Public Inputs‘ to share your ideas.

About the Plan Process

The project for preparation of a Comprehensive Bicycle Plan for Pune is supported by the Ministry of Urban Development, Govt of India.

The Traffic Dept of Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) is overseeing the preparation of the plan. Eventually, the implementation of the plan will be undertaken by the Non-motorized Transport Cell of PMC. The PMC has appointed the consortium of iTrans – Innovative Transport Solutions Pvt Ltd, Prasanna Desai Architects and Centre for Environment Education as Consultants for preparation of the Comprehensive Bicycle Plan for Pune.

Inception Report (pdf, 5 mb, opens in new window)


92 thoughts on “A Cycle Plan for Pune

  1. To encourage cycles you need to discourage motorized personal vehicles. For this I am putting forth a complete proposal that I have already published previously.

    First measure could be pay -n- park for all motorized vehicles from 9 am to 9 pm with sliding scale of charges. starting from Rs. 1 for first two hours, 5 per hour for next four hours and Rs. 10 per hour for each additional hour for two wheelers and Rs. 5 for first two hours, 20 per hour for next four hours and Rs. 30 per hour for each additional hour for four wheelers.
    All this pay-n-park should be managed by PMPML and the profit should be used to subsidize Bus fares.
    Mobile companies can tie up with corporates to make available bicycles on rent where..
    There are stands at important locations and all major junctions were bicycles are parked with locking stand. The person wanting to use bicycle can request for the same through app and he will receive message as to which bicycle lock is released. He can then take that bicycle and leave it at another such stand near his destination. Charges could be – first 30 minutes free, thereafter Rs. 5 per hour. There could be pick up vans to pick up bicycles from congested stands and drop them to empty stands at intervals.


  2. To pramot cycle PMC contact to all govt as well as private office to encarge cycle for office,also some time incentive concession for the staff,such idea is devolap for cycl pune.


  3. Before everyone gets into the details. There is something very basic and safety critical to take note of; bicycle traffic (and for that matter pedestrians too) should always be moving against the traffic and not with it so that they have a clear view of oncoming traffic. I’ve noticed that in india, the pedestrians and cycles always follow the traffic and have their back towards any oncoming vehicles which is dangerous to say the least


    • Good point.But will not work because every one way street has two way traffic.First come down HEAVILY on those who dare to drive in the wrong direction.


  4. if we want to make Pune a cycle friendly city city first of all please repair the roads specially in the rainy season. Secondly please provide safe crossings at main junction points in the city because we cannot assure that traffic jams due to to cyclists may be a common sight or not. Following the first point there are potholes on every road which may cause serious accidents. After that comes the point of making separate tracks of pedestrian and cycles and with regards to parking of cycles cycle stands should be fixed at a point where all feel safe. Thank you.


  5. Dedicated cycle tracks are a must if cycling has to become a feasible option of transportation. Even large parks such as the one newly started in Wadgaon Sheri has no cycle track which can popularise cycling even as an exercise.
    On roads where space is limited for making a track, cyclists should be guided to ride facing the traffic for the sake of safety.
    Certain times of the day,some parts of the city can be made a walking or cycle plaza where motorised vehicles will not be allowed.


  6. For implementation of Cycle Plan , discipline in the present riders (Bus/Car& two wheelers) is must. Presently it is very unsafe over roads pushing most of people to use cars instead of 2 wheelers (seems safe to drivers & Family).

    A. Implementation Required:
    1. Public transport Bus (PMPL) bus need to stop at the designed stops and not in the middle of roads, disturbing whole traffic (This is most undisciplined vehicles on road)
    2. Encroachments on the roads need to be removed Ruthlessly with notices to concerns (This is must to save life of present riders. E.g Nagpur has implemented same before 12-15 years)
    3. Dedicated parking is required for Cycles. Present parking space needs to be improved.
    4. Definitely infrastructure of roads needs to be improved on immediate basis.
    5. Present divider works & lighting on main roads are taking months to complete ; speed needs to be very quick.

    B. For encouraging the Bicycles use, small incentive – levy in the Yearly Corporation Tax can be thought off. All corporates in the city can be called for invitation from PMC/PCMC to encourage bicycle usage.
    C. Since Cycle riders does not need any licence hence some rules are required to be forcibly in place. (Present riders of Bus/Car/Motorcycles will create hurdlers while driving Bicycle)


  7. Efforts need be put by all concerned to improve Pune Road conditions and traffic descipline such that Cycling on Pune roads becomes the safest mode of travel.
    I feel that first step which can be initiated immediately(without any additional major investment by PMC) is to develope the culture of TRAFFIC DISCIPLINE in the present traffic senerio.If this estalished , many people will start cycling of their own.

    Uday Deshpande


  8. The first and foremost change that is required is making cyclist an walking tracks along all roads that is completely free from all hawkers. Unless that is done, there is no scope for cyclists


    • Thank you for the suggestion. PMC has commissioned the designing of over 100 km of streets using the Urban Street Design Guidelines, that aim to provide adequate space for different complementary uses, with high quality footpaths as top priority. As such, compliance with the Street Vendors Act would also be required once the state level rules are formulated. Please refer to http://www.indiacode.nic.in/acts2014/7%20of%202014.pdf


  9. Thanks for such nice initiative of Pune Cycle Plan. It will be very helpful to reduce traffic and pollution of pune. There are very nice suggestion already given here. So I just want to point out very Basic problem. If we want increase cycle users then there should be some provisions for lower middle class people who can easily afford cycle. Now a days cycle prices are higher compered to last few year. So general observation of common people like me is
    If i have bike and i am using it for my office and long distance travel ( and it is must for me). So for short distance why will i think to invest 5000-7000 bucks on cycle.

    So if Cycle prices goes little lower then we can think to buy extra cycle. and if more people are buying cycle then definitely most of them will use it daily.


    • Respected sir ,
      Let me bring to your kind attention that cycles start from ₹ 3500 onwards . Also there is no recurring cost ( petrol or diesel bills ) .
      The government can start a cycle sharing service at very nominal rates . So pls be more positive


  10. In the cycle plan, we also need to include use of e-Bicycles. There are multiple reasons to include e-Bicycle although so called purist in bicycle promoters may resist it as it is a motorized vehicle. Although e-Bicycle has a motorized electrical drive, it is different than any other motorized vehicle (scooters, mopeds, motor-cycles etc.). Firstly it is basically a cycle with an additional attachment of a small electric drive, so it takes the same space on road and parking as any other bicycle. Secondly its speed is 20 to 25 km/h, which is similar to normal bicycle, so chances of accidents are minimal. Thirdly it does not create pollution, like petrol or diesel vehicles, being electric. Fourthly it is not mandatory to use the electric drive. So if the biker is not tired, it could be used as simple bicycle by pushing the peddles and only when he / she gets tired, the electric drive could be switched ON. This is very useful for people commuting between 5 to 20 km. Because of long distance (more than 5 km), people would not even consider using the bicycle at all. So use of e-Bicycle would encourage them to go away from mopeds and scooters. They can push paddles as long as they can, and then switch to electric mode. After some time, again they can switch to manual mode. So this would remove the barrier of long distance and help more and more people go for bicycles (manual or electric). Last but not least, the electric charging expenses are extremely less than petrol or diesel. In one unit charge, one can run the e-Bicycle 20 to 30 km, depending on model, and load.This could be very useful for 40+ aged people to adopt it comfortably.


  11. Some of the suggestions given above are excellent where technology is put to good use.I sincerely hope and pray that the PMC implement them and make Pune a paradise for cyclists.There are also simple suggestions for raising funds.
    It will also ease traffic congestion and reduce air pollution.


  12. Respected Sir,
    This is a very good initiative and I would like to congratulate you for taking up this initiative and allowing public participation. For anything to be successful it is very important we have a democratic process.

    Here are my views for making this plan a success:

    1.First of all citizens should feel safe while driving cycles, this can only happen when we truly have a culture around cyclists and we respect. So there is a need to promote cycling using papers, internet ,hoardings.
    Citizens would take this up by themselves but they need motivation and encouragement. This can also be done by wearing T shirts/bands which which say “I am a proud Punekar cyclist” or any such thing. This will attract a new generation, we want participation from all parts of society young/old, men/women, college/school/offices.
    Also once this promotion happens and people are attracted then more masses will join.

    2. We need to make cycles affordable. If poor people have to quit six seaters /rickshaws it is absolutely needed to make cycling affordable.We need to brainstorm on how we can do this. Can organizations participate and donate/subsidize new cycles? or can we have cycle stations which can lend cycles from one point to another with basic fees. We need to think out of the box.

    3. We need to have cycle stations and parking lots at many places atleast near bus stops where people can park cycles.

    4. The marketing and promotion will be very important we need to continously infuse people with success stories, photographs, cheers etc through multiple media and whatapp groups, internet to keep increasing participation.There will be a time after some years people will realize benefits and adopt cycling on their own.

    5. Lastly any accidents of cyclist should be dealt very strictly by law as this can act as a demotivate for citizens. We need to have strict laws for people who have an accident with cyclists. Safety should be priority no 1.

    Right now I can think of these. I would be happy to give any more information feedback from my side.
    I would love to see my city as one of the green cities in world and best cities and also one where people are healthy and have a mindset to change it.

    Jai Hind, Jai Maharashtra



  13. It is a very good idea that the PMC is making but the first most thing is that the plan should not be stalled liked other plans…nd to say about the cycle tracks they are in good condition but it is totally equipped by the hawkers. There are many active cyclists even today but what makes them inactive is the traffic in our areas due to motorised vehicles and no proper facilities for cycling. Nowadays u will only see poor people and kids aged between 10-15 cycling that too very few. I hope this plan is done as soon as possible..Good luck PMC..👍👍


  14. This is an great initiative. I am from Pune currently based in Netherlands a cyclist’s paradise !

    I would like to contribute for better Pune and in position to get broader guidance through Netherlands eco-system.

    There are many, many good reasons for bicycle commuting, recreational bicycling and creating a strong bike culture in general. Hopefully a couple with resonate with everyone and motivate more bicycling. To me health is the key motivator.

    1.On-going use of a bicycle has virtually NO carbon footprint.
    2.Bicycles increase mobility for those who don’t have access to motor transport.
    3.Bicycling is the most energy efficient form of transportation ever invented.
    4.You get healthy exercise from bicycling.
    5.Reduce stress by bicycling.
    5.Save travel money by biking. If the switch is from a car this includes purchase price, gas, tires, fluids, insurance, maintenance, washing, parking, etc.
    6.Biking is therapeutic for the mind and spirit — is fun and can make you happy.
    7.Cycling is therapeutic for the cardio-vascular system, live healthier.
    8.Bicycling is a great initial activity for people who are obese and help them on their way to a healthier life.
    9.Regular cycling can lead to lower health care expenses
    10.Allows the rider to appreciate the more of the nuances of the natural and built environment around them.
    11.Your commute will be the best part of your day instead of the worst part of your day.
    12.The exercise increase your productivity at work
    13.Cycling improves your self-esteem.
    14.Save on the membership to a health club, get your exercise bicycling to work, school, shopping, etc.
    15.Bicyclist can ignore the highway traffic jams.
    16.Easier and Cheaper parking.
    17.Reduces the demand for new roads and paving the earth with asphalt and concrete.
    18.Reduces the demand for parking lots and paving the earth.
    19.Reduces air pollution — bicyclist emit few poisonous gases.
    20.Reduces noise pollution — even without a muffler bikes are quiet, creating a quieter community.
    21.Reduces road wear — even if cyclist feel like they have the weight of the world on their shoulders.
    22.Cycling can be enjoyed in a wide variety of climates
    23.Bicycles are a great means to explore world around you.
    24.Bicycling is cool.
    25.Finally Biking Is Fun !!


  15. Very good initiative….I am a proper Punekar & also cycle enthusiastic & sometimes prefer cycle to go to office. I also do cycling on most of the days on many different roads of my Pune city.

    Though Pune city needs smart cycle tracks & proper trafficless roads to reach the desired destination without much problems & with less time because sometimes due to traffic it is not possible . Also needs cycle repairing shops at many intervals.

    Also there should be more places reserved only for cycle lovers to do cycling, not allowing any other vehicles in that areas.

    The present cycle tracks needs to give rebirth, as most of the tracks are being used by motorcyclist(though most of them are educated). We have to rethink about the designing of cycle tracks, these tracks can be elevated also.

    For the safe cycling, the traffic should be improved. The people should follow basic traffic rules like following signals, avoiding wrong lanes , necessary overtaking etc, so cyclist will increase & pollution will be reduced greately.

    Also there should be special favours for cyclist, so there will be more no. of cyclist.

    Go Green Punekars by using Cycle most of the time wherever possible….!!!!!!!!


  16. Hi Pune. I’m a proud Punekar, currently studying in Netherlands.

    The Netherlands’ transportation model is one of the best I have seen as it relies heavily on its citizens’ ability to cycle to their respective workplaces. The Dutch people are not shy or do not whine about cycling an average of 10-15 kms per day. What enables them to cycle these long distances is a combination of factors:
    1. Their sheer motivation to stay fit and healthy and cycling is a great way to achieve that.
    2. A comprehensive network of cycling paths built across the entire country. These cycling tracks are present alongside each and every road (highways, main roads as well as all the internal roads/alleyways etc.) and canals but a safe distance is kept between them. In most places the roads and cycle tracks are separated by large bushes/railings in order to maintain safety of the cyclists from a mishap on the roads. These bushes also prevent the vehicles from coming onto the cycle tracks in case of a traffic jam. Although I cannot imagine this situation happening in the Netherlands, it is quite common in India that some people will drive their motorized vehicles on the cycle tracks. Apart from the cycling tracks, sufficient space for parking cycles is easily available at public places such as railway stations, supermarkets/Malls, parks, most govt./private offices etc. It is free of cost at most places. Cycle sharing/rental systems are also easily accessible and cheap.
    3. Smooth cycle tracks with lots of greenery around them makes the cycling trip quite a delightful experience. Such an experience will surely motivate people to cycle more and more.
    4. The drainage systems on the roads and the cycling tracks work effectively and flawlessly to ensure that water-logging does not take place. In this regard, the design of the roads and the material used proper and regular Maintenance of the cycle tracks and the drainage systems plays and important role.
    5. The most important factor, the cyclists are given immense respect on the road and the motorized vehicles offer the cyclist a safe path by either stopping or slowing down from a distance in case the cyclist is crossing, be it a large truck or an expensive BMW.

    The govt. and municipality of Pune took some steps to build cycling tracks along the major roads some years ago. But this initiative turned out out to be a failure because of several reasons which can be identified fro the Dutch model.
    1. The network of cycling tracks was not comprehensive, meaning that they were built only on the major roads.
    2. The cycling tracks were not separated from the main roads posing a threat from the fast vehicles going beside them. During traffic jam and also otherwise, I have watched motorbikes and small cars using the cycling tracks to escape quickly.
    3. The drainage systems were not effective and water-logging on the tracks was quite common in the rainy season. The cycle tracks were made with good quality material, however the design was faulty as the rainwater remained stagnated on the road for a long time. In most places the cycle tracks were either extensively damaged or were occupied by hawkers/Auto-rickshaw stands or even garbage bins with garbage spilled all around it.

    These obstructions are definitely not pleasant for a cyclist and will immediately cause even the most enthusiastic cyclists to abandon cycling.

    It would be great to see if the PMC is able to take a leaf out of the Dutch Cycling Model.

    It has to be a combined effort of the PMC and the Punekars!


    • There are a few cycle tracks on BRTS Roads – but – they have been encroached and are unfit for cycling.
      Before embarking on ambitious plans – PMC and PCMC must ensure that existing cycle tracks are made fit for cycling.


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