A Cycle Plan for Pune

December 2017
PMC General Body Approves Cycle Plan
On 14 December 2017, the PMC General Body approved the Comprehensive Bicycle Plan for Pune. The Cycle Plan has been prepared with support from the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Govt of India.
The Plan includes proposals for a city wide cycle network, support for Public Bicycle Share systems, cycle promotion activities, participatory reviews of plan implementation etc. A Bicycle Cell or dept is also to be set up at PMC to ensure implementation and smooth coordination with other departments within PMC and agencies like Traffic Police, PMPML, PSCDCL and Pune Metro.
Shri Kunal Kumar, Municipal Commissioner, Pune Municipal Corporation, says, “A big revolution in cycling awaits Pune!  Public cycles, city wide cycle track network and cycling promotion will be a reality in Pune in the coming days. Its a momentous day with the Comprehensive Bicycle Plan approved by the PMC General Body. We are closer to implementing PMC’s vision for sustainable mobility in Pune and a healthy environment. Pune can be a city where cycling is safe, attractive, comfortable and a travel mode of choice for children, women, seniors, daily wage workers as well as professionals.”
The complete Comprehensive Bicycle Plan will be uploaded shortly.


Map of Cycle Parking Locations

About 800 locations for cycle parking have been identified and marked across Pune city. Privately owned cycles, as well as public cycles may be parked at these locations.

PBS & Cycle Parking.png


October 2017

पुणे सायकल प्लान प्रारंभिक मसुदा

Preliminary Draft of Pune Cycle Plan 

The preliminary draft of Pune Cycle Plan was open for public inputs till 30 September 2017. The period for inputs is now closed. Over 750 responses have been received including response to the survey, emails, and online suggestions. The respondents are approximately 40% cyclists, 59% people who used to cycle, and about 1% people who don’t cycle at all.

The suggestions and comments indicate substantial support to the proposals, with many respondents expressing the need for a strong implementation plan.

Here are some preliminary results:

I support Pune Cycle Plan
100% Strongly Can’t say Somewhat Not at all
74% 17% 1% 3% 5%
Proposal for Implementing a city-wide Public Bicycle System
Strongly Agree Agree Can’t say Disagree Strongly disagree
68% 20% 4% 2% 5%
Proposal – Create a Bicycle Department at PMC for taking up the activities of planning, design, project execution of cycle infrastructure, capacity building, cycling promotion and public engagement in cycling projects, monitoring and reporting about the progress of the Pune Cycle Plan
Strongly Agree Agree Can’t say Disagree Strongly disagree
69% 18% 4% 3% 5%
If cycling and cycling-friendly infrastructure is created in Pune, would you cycle again? (if you are a ‘used to’ cyclist)
Yes Maybe No
86% 9% 6%


Pune could be a cycling city again with one-fourth of trips by cycle if city-wide cycling infrastructure is created – cycle network, cycle parking, Public Bicycle Share and the required administrative, regulatory and public engagement mechanisms in place.

प्रभाग कार्यालय येथे सादरीकरांचे वेळापत्रक Schedule of Presentations at Ward Offices

  • 19 Sept 2017        Shivaji Nagar – Ghole Rd, 10.30 am
  • 15 Sept 2017        Kothrud Ward Office, 11 am
  • 14 Sept 2017        Dhankawadi Ward Office, 11.30 am
  • 13 Sept 2017         Warje Ward Office, 11 am
  • 19 August 2017    Tilak Road Ward Office, 19 August 2017, 11 am
  • 21 August 2017    Kasba Vishrambag Ward Office, 11 am
  • 23 August 2017     Wanowrie Ward Office, 11 am
  • 24 August 2017     Aundh Ward Office, 11 am
  • 24 August 2017     Yerwada Ward Office, 11 am
  • 29 August 2017     Nagar Road Ward Office, 11 am
  • 30 August 2017     Dhole Patil Road Ward Office, 11 am
  • 31 August 2017     Bhawani Peth Ward Office, 11 am

ऑगस्ट 2017 च्या प्रभागा समिती बैठकीमधील सादरीकरणचा धावता आढावा

Glimpses of Presentations at Prabhag Samiti Meetings, August 2017

Dhole Patil Road Ward Office, 30 Aug 2017:  Attended by about 30 people, the presentation was chaired by Ms Chandbi Haji Nadaf along with Shri Dahibhate, Zonal Officer and Shri Arun Khillari. Comments and observations included:

  • Cycle plan is really good, both for personal and city health and convenient mode of transport.
  • Flyovers should also have provisions for cycling
  • PMC may run shuttle service e rickshaws on subsidized rates.
  • The Public Bicycle System facilities should be convenient to most users, they should not be resistant to use it

Queries were on: what is the membership fee/ costs for Public Bicycle Share.

  • What is the estimated cost of each bicycle in the PBS
  • Will it be possible to run a shuttle service on energy recovered from municipal solid waste
  • What to do if there is a cycle break down between two stations or if there is an incident of accident

Yerwada Ward Office, 24 Aug 2017:  The plan intent was appreciated. Concerns expressed included that there is already a lack of space for two-wheelers, so how will space be made for cycle parking on-street; the possibility of encroachment on cycle tracks and that the provisions must be effective for this; Alandi Road may be taken up for segregated cycle track as there is adequate width and there are a large number of cyclists in this area. Questions were on whether the plan is prabhag-wise and as per the DP (the plan is for the entire city, and it is made considering the current and future road network in discussion with PMC Road Dept and PMC Traffic Dept). Another question was on the rationale for selecting locations of cycle stations (these are decided keeping in mind the need for stations every 400 m, and the local situation of landuse).

Aundh Ward Office, 24 Aug 2017: The proposals were appreciated. Suggestions included to support more repair shops, training for cycle mechanics as well as for school children on cycle maintenance, separate network for cyclists to ensure safety throughout the day and distribution of fluorescent jackets to cyclists who ride late evening or night.

Wanowrie Ward Office, 23 Aug 2017: The presentation was facilitated by Shri S Molak Zonal Commissioner, and Prabhag Samiti Chair Ms Parvin Firoz, Mr Gawade, Ward Officer were present. The audience of 55 included elected representatives and the ward office staff.  

Kasba Vishrambagh Ward Office, 21 Aug 2017: The plan was well appreciated. The prabhag samiti estimated that it may take 2 budget cycles to implement the first phase. The need for de-congestion in the core city was recognized as a concern. A proposal for pedestrianization of selected roads has been under consideration for some time. The Pune Cycle Plan will complement this proposal. Questions on the Public Bicycle System included whether there is a GPS on the cycle (no, the individual trips will not be tracked; however the system records which user is taking which cycle); whether there is a provision for carrying luggage (small bags may be carried on a hook); how older cycle shops may be integrated into the plan (a database and a map of cycle shops is created and available, it will need to be regularly updated); and whether the PBS be available on outskirts of city, last mile connectivity in these area is a concern (yes, the PBS is expected to be available city-wide and in outskirts areas that are within PMC limits).

Sinhagad Road Ward Office, 19 Aug 2017: Prabhag Samiti members were present and the meeting was facilitated by Shri Kesri. Ward wise maps and the plan details were requested to be provided to elected representatives.

Selected Results from the Studies done for Pune Cycle Plan

Here are some of the results from the studies, discussions and surveys done over 2016 and early 2017 for the Pune Cycle Plan. These results underline the need for safe and comfortable cycling infrastructure across the city for current cyclists, and to attract new cyclists.


Health, affordability, travel flexibility and convenience are the top reasons for why Punekars love to cycle!

Cycling Patterns

Studies for the Pune Cycle Plan show that Punekars cycle all over Pune – short local trips as well as long commutes across town. Yerwada, Hadapsar Industrial Estate, Sinhagad Road, University/ Aundh Road have many local cycle trips. Several longer cycle trips are between core city and Sinhagad Road; between core city and Satara Road, and Aundh, Baner, Pashan towards Magarpatta and south-east Pune. In this visualization of inter and intra ward cycling patterns, coloured circles show intra-ward trips, with bigger circles showing higher number of local trips. Lines represent inter-ward trips.


98% road-users feel motorists’ behaviour towards cyclists is not ok, show studies done for Pune Cycle Plan! Motorists’ cooperation is essential to make Pune safe for cycling.

Posts in 2016

पुणे सायकल आराखडा  Marathi button

Pune can be a city where people find cycling, using public transport and walking convenient, comfortable, safe and attractive. Tell me how PMC can help you use a cycle, bus or walk wherever you want to go, for your day to day travel needs. I am committed to address your concerns.

– Kunal Kumar, IAS, Pune Municipal Commissioner on World Environment Day 2016

The Pune Cycle Plan being prepared in 2016 is your chance to help make Pune a cycle-friendly city. Join Us!

Why a Cycle Plan for Pune                                    Schedule for public consultations

BikesCarsPuneTransportation is one of the main civic issues identified by Pune’s citizens. Over 500 motorized two-wheelers and cars are registered in Pune everyday. The increase in motorized traffic is leading to air pollution, health impacts, accidents, congestion and more time wasted stuck in traffic. Widening roads or building flyovers are not long-term solutions.

The vision for future transportation planning as accepted in the  Comprehensive Mobility Plan of Pune (CMP) is

“Moving people safely and economically by emphasizing public transport and non-motorized transport.”

The CMP outlines various measures including improvement of footpaths, investment in public transport, regulation of parking, education and outreach on transportation issues and improved enforcement of traffic regulations.

Non motorized transport includes walk and cycle. Improvements in non-motorized transport are to take place with improved street design, including footpaths and crossings, and the preparation of the Comprehensive Bicycle Plan.9 to 25

The current share of trips by walk and cycle are 32%. The Comprehensive Mobility Plan suggests that by 2031 at least half the trips in Pune, that is 50%, should be by walk or cycle. Pune already has about 23% work trips by walk.

Can the share of work trips by cycle go up from 9% to 25%?

Towards this end, Pune Municipal Corporation is preparing a comprehensive Pune Cycle Plan which will have recommendations for the following components:

  • Physical infrastructure including cycle network, parking
  • Phases of implementation based on identified priorities
  • Financial estimates
  • Implementation mechanisms and staff structure at the Pune Municipal Corporation

Citizens Engagement in Preparing the Plan

Citizens’ inputs will help in shaping the Pune Cycle Plan.There are several opportunities to be involved. Go to ‘Public Inputs‘ to share your ideas.

About the Plan Process

The project for preparation of a Comprehensive Bicycle Plan for Pune is supported by the Ministry of Urban Development, Govt of India.

The Traffic Dept of Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) is overseeing the preparation of the plan. Eventually, the implementation of the plan will be undertaken by the Non-motorized Transport Cell of PMC. The PMC has appointed the consortium of iTrans – Innovative Transport Solutions Pvt Ltd, Prasanna Desai Architects and Centre for Environment Education as Consultants for preparation of the Comprehensive Bicycle Plan for Pune.

Inception Report (pdf, 5 mb, opens in new window)


122 thoughts on “A Cycle Plan for Pune

  1. If there is a will there are ways. I sincerely hope that the PMC has will to implement the plan of building Cycle Paths for cyclists all over the city. I strongly support the idea. I wish all the best to them, may God and Indian Law make them strong enough to work as per their Plan against the whims & fancies of Politicians and local Bahubali Leaders.


  2. सायकलींबरोबरच पुण्यात चालणाऱ्या लोकांची सोय बघितली पाहीजे. उत्तम न खोदलेले व विक्रेत्यांवर मनाई असलेले पादचारी मार्ग अतिशय आवश्यक आहेत. सलग, रुंद पादचारी मार्गांमुळे नागरिकांना जवळच्या अंतरांकरता चालण्याचा आनंद मिळून वाहनांचा वापर कमी होईल. त्याच बरोबर वयोवृद्ध लोकांना रस्ता ओलांडणे हे एक दिव्य होऊन बसले आहे. त्यांचाही विचार वाहतूक योजनेत व्हावा. परदेशात पादचाऱ्यांकरताच्या सिग्नलच्या वेळी मोठ्यानी हूटर वाजवतात जेणेकरुन वाहनचालक त्यांना रस्ता देतील. हा उपाय सायकलस्वारांकरताही उपयोगी पडेल.


  3. First of all congratulations to the Pune Cycle Plan Team for making the dream of making Pune again a cycling city…
    As an avid cyclists these are some of my suggestions to promote bicycling in Pune:
    1. Make dedicated bicycle lanes which can be part of walking paths at each and every part of the city roads…Let the motor vehicle users know that the PMC or the city planners are giving pedestrians and cyclist priority as road users along with of course public transport users… This can shift and attract people towards cycling…
    2. As BRT gets a dedicated signaling system at traffic junctions make this kind of dedicated signal for bicycles as well…This will boost the moral of the cyclists as well as make the motorist feel the need to switch over to bicycling…
    3. The bicycling pathways can have trees for shade or shelters in between, drinking water facility, and if possible repair shops at designated places…
    4. The prominent BRT Bus Stations can have parking facility for cyclists to encourage last mile usage of bicycling…
    5. Promote bicycling at all the establishments and government offices by a dedicated cycle day…
    6. Make use of the media of all kind in the mission…
    7. Have programs and events promoting bicycles like Pune Heritage Bicycle Event…
    8. Create dedicated and priority parking space at all the public places for cyclists…
    9. Encourage the leaders or role models of the city to cycle so that citizens can emulate them…
    10. Let the citizens become aware of the benefits of cycling on health, environment and economy and also as a tool for a sustainable society…

    Hoping to see this plan getting implemented soon and I am ready to explore the streets of Pune on my pedals…

    Just Pedal…
    Be A Part Of The Solution…

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  4. Is this some kind of a Joke? Looks like PMC wants more people to get killed on the road.
    Pedestrians are not safe on the encroached upon footpaths, where vehicles coming from the wrong side keep hitting people.
    Now you want to further narrow the roads by creating cycle tracks. My advise is to STOP this nonsense. Is this initiative with vested interest from the cycle manufacturing companies. Ha ha.
    If PMC can ensure clear footpaths, that can be called a big achievement. Is there a plan to have encroachment free clear footpaths? If NOT, who cares anyway.
    Rest all is plain gimmick. Please do not do this. This will surely lead to more deaths on the road. STOP This and save lives or DO this and kill innocent citizens.
    Cycling on the road doesn’t help anybody. It’s ok to do it in the gym.

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  5. Solar and electric powered cycle bikes and trikes
    kindly go though all these video links
    one cycle is shown here is lengthwise small compare to normal cycle
    with front big wheel and small size rear wheel, this cycle can take every where
    like in lift, mall, office, car storage (after folding), metro,railway
    see all videos from start to end, so many innovative and new ideas
    pune mahapalika can order such bikes,trikes from outside countries
    or our indian engineers can take ideas from that videos.
    Bike To The Future with The ELF

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  6. नमस्कार
    पुणे सार्वजनिक सायकल योजना प्रकल्पासाठी माझ्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा
    अशीच योजना भारताच्या सर्व शहरात त्या त्या महापालिकांनी आयोजित करावी
    अशी इच्छा आहे.
    मी लिहिलेली ” सायकलची कथा , वाहनांची व्यथा ” हि कविता वाचावी.
    ज्यामधे ही कल्पना २०-९-२०१३ रोजी मी सर्वांच्या समोर मांडली होती.
    सुरेश रघुनाथ पित्रे,

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  7. Hi
    I understand what i am writing might be a repetitive one, but still want to give try
    1. First & foremost is to penalize the vehicles not following lane discipline and most importantly Traffic Signals. understand of the fact that almost all the major signal posts are equipped with CCTV cameras, we should start sending challans for signal jumping, etc. This can be a starting point to kickstart the enabling punecycleplan process
    2. Dedicated Cycle Lanes is the key requirement without any encroachments. Foothpaths, in the current state are majorly occupied by the shopkeepers, parking lots, garbage containers, etc which makes it uneasy to pass through
    2. Entry & Exit points for Cycle lanes need to clearly highlighted in different colours
    3. Creation of BRTS corridors seems to have both pros and cons. biggest advantage being increase in revenues for PMPML but there are many negatives — the biggest being the bus drivers are all the more rash in driving & they resemble almost none to pilots on the aircrafts. every signal point have speed breakers, but none of the drivers bother to slow down the vehicle. Instead they increase the speed so as to pass through the green signal. the entry and exit points do not have any reflectors / indicators, best being the Nagar road example where every week we see the BRTS dividers being hit upon by the negligent Truck Drivers. My suggestion would be to have BRTS corridors to be utilized as dedicated Cycle Lanes and the buses to ply back on normal routes and follow left lane which is more convenient for them.

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  8. Many have written different thoughts.
    Still I will write something.
    A dedicated cycle lane on one side of the road is a necessary things The width of this lane should be such that 2 cyclist can pass each other so that the same lane can be used in both the directions.
    It should have colour code so that it is easily identified and the vehicles coming on this will have to be fined on regular basis.
    Now with the implementation of CCTV’s it is possible.
    The cycle track which are in existence are of no use since the surface of this track is most unsuitable for cycling either it is rough or having smooth tiles. The ideal surface cane be simple tarred road which make the path clean , and less costly also.

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  9. I was using Bicycle for daily office commuting for almost 1 and half year but, now I am not.Because traffic in Pune consider bicycle rider as beggar and not even hesitate to dash. and so called cycle tracks are used to purpose other than bicycle. So left cycling. I really wanted to start. but traffic management need to be improved.
    Only plan does not help, need implementation and action.

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  10. Consider this as an excellent initiative, some thoughts for How to make the Cycle Plan work with enough involvement from the citizens?
    o Education, Education, Education
    o target ‘Populations’ – school, colleges, offices, ordinary markets
    o Advertisement – Audio, Video, Print
    Measure: Investment to returns
    o Guided Culture Change
    o Hook in ‘Gen Y’ with the right messaging to make it a culture shift – fad & fashion
    o Hook in the Gen of ‘Baby Bloomers’ with innovative messaging of conserve
    diminishing resources and improving life, giving back to life
    Measure: Actual converts that own/rent and use this mode
    o Build appealing Incentives to transition – Improve / Build Infrastructure
    o Cycle Paths
    o Cycles Parking & Locking facilities
    o Cycle / Non emission zones
    Measure: Kilometers of Cycle Friendly Paths/Pathways;
    Parking/locking Capacity per square KM or more.
    Theft rate of Cycles (declining trend)
    o Government funded Innovative Schemes
    o Pune Cycle’s on Rent with Public-Private Enterprise
    o Pune Smart Card to access Transport including Cycles (take on rent)
    o Provide Large Organizations ability to provide Tax Breaks for employees using
    Cycle to ride to work – Cycles can have Unique Id to clock attendance
    o Cycles mandatory for walled Hosing Societies having say 250+ acres of land
    Spec: Hireable, Parkable, Infrastructured, Incentived if a Cyber/IT-ITES zone
    o Cycles for all – aged, young, disabled – innovate to provide variety
    o Cycle Booths – provide employment to enemployed with 50% funding with some
    concessions on Interest.
    o Part of CSR or Welfare fund to invest into Cycle infrastructure for next 3 years
    o Events, Glamor, Walk to Talk
    o Cycleathons – bring out themes / events
    o Public events (colleges, malls, grounds…) to have cycle popularization as part of
    theme that they need to consider/oblige on – say ~2 events that include these
    o Famous/Popular personalities to ambassador the purpose with ‘walk the talk’

    Sabu KP

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  11. Very true. First all the planners, thinkers, politicians, implementors, PMC officers should once check the cycle tracks which are already built. understand the difference between a cycle track and a footpath and road. Make sure cycle track is really usable. Please try it once. If you can even accept the existing cycle tracks can be used as cycle tracks then please go ahead with new plans. Educate PMC contractors on how not to just make money but how to build and protect and do maintenance of these things. Punekar will automatically start using the cycles. Wish you all the best.

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    • Thank you. Studies of existing infrastructure, usage, issues faced by different user groups as well as mode share, potential for shift etc are underway. The public inputs and the results of these studies will be used for drawing up the plan.


  12. No big investments please instead connect with people and take small but effective steps. First step I feel should be converting those who use car to start using cycles (changing room & facility to take shower at work place can make a huge difference). this can make huge difference to traffic & generally use of cycle… those who cannot afford two wheeler are as such cycling… they have no choice. if Cars reduce, traffic & pollution will reduce. Every family should have at least 1 Car (for family outing), 1 Two wheeler (for two, getting some work done near by) & 1 Cycle (for fun, for going to office, for doing work in near by places). I use to cycle to school & college but now a days that has reduced of course due to risks. there was time when Pune use to be known as city of cycles…. when those days come back…I really want to talk to those who are working plan, meet them give my inputs… really want to do something for Pune & society as a whole, whatever small I can do…

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    • Thanks for these observations. It is possible to meet and arrange a more detailed discussion/ presentation. Will connect offline.


  13. When I was a teenager I used to go my bicycle to school which was 6 kilometers from my house.But now I cannot even dare to go 4 km or allow my children to go as it is not safe to ride a bicycle on road.

    If we start first connecting all the schools with cycle track we can make a start and make it a habit for school children to go to school on bicycle and develop some interest in them.

    Second thing that should be done is to have a facility to Cary the bicycle by public transport as some developed countries like Germany provide such facility with some extra cost.

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    • Thanks for your suggestions. Making the city safe for children to cycle should certainly be the priority. We are exploring with PMPML the possibility of arrangement such as bicycle clamps on public transport buses. However, another possibility is the public bicycle share system. Please see if this can help meet the need for combining public transport with cycles for last mile connectivity https://punecycleplan.wordpress.com/public-bicycle-share-system/


  14. Praposal is good .
    Pune was a city of cyclists.
    Today in Pune It is replaced by Two wheeler motor cycles and scooters.
    My home is on satara road ,Natubaug stop .here is where BRT 1ST stop was built.
    there are two lanes for scooters ,motorcycles,tempos,cars, autos etc., one for BRT (WHICH IS QUITE OK)
    one lane for cyclist+one lane service road some part.total 5 lanes each side
    I remember this road was 4+4 and service road extra before BRT.
    this is reduced to two lanes for general public which is already insufficient resulting in
    traffic jams and at city pride signal, Bibwewadi signal,natu baug signal,ranka jewellers signal.
    this resulting in loss of fuel worth lacs of rs. per month also adding to pollutions.
    the lane for cyclists is used by motorcycles scooters and autos,school vans .
    Hardly We see any cycle plying on this route resulting in loss of valuable road space.
    90% of cyclist dont use cycle tracks. they use two lanes road left for general vehicles, as it is free and not encraoched like cycle track
    .People park vehicles on this routes ( see infront of Adinath hsg). there is chaupati in evenings on this cycle tracks.also throuhout track vehicles are parked at one or other time
    We fear same pattern will follow on other cycle routes being built.
    we request earnestly to you to study these road conditions ,make it run really successful as a pilot cycle track existing project from swargate to katraj.
    see that There are enough no of cycles plying on this existing route.
    then if feasible and successful repeat in other areas with improvements.
    We feel that there are not enough no of cycles to ply on this route,
    and the route is in bits and pieces. Enough scope for improvements.
    Kindly take holistic approach considering all vehicles together.
    thanks a lot to PMC authorities for asking participation from all of us.

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    • Thanks for the inputs. The refurbishment of existing cycle tracks is one of the steps that the plan will recommend may be taken up on priority. Cyclists can then start using the tracks and the road will be safer for both cyclists and motorists. It is very important to make the cycle infrastructure attractive, comfortable and convenient, so that more people can again take up cycling especially for short distances. Please do see the slide show presentation on the main page of this website https://punecycleplan.wordpress.com/


  15. Good initiative and one more attempt by PMC. Everyone always talks about the road infrastructure but there are certain areas wherein we as an citizen’s can help the government. If everyone decides to make our city smart then nothing is impossible. I suggest the following points to PMC for the success of the cycle initiative.

    1. the youth population in the city is more and therefore suggest to conduct the campaigns in schools, college’s, classes, corporates to promote the cycling and usage of the public transport
    2. Conduct the cycle and public tranaport day once a month
    3. In earlier days the cycles were available on the rentals at small shops. Promote the shop keepers to keep the cycles on rent with minimal cost. (Just like in Goa, we get 2 wheelers)
    4. Few countries (now a days in Delhi) have alternate day odd and even no. vehicles on the roads. If we implement the same it will reduce the traffic load and naturally people will divert to public transport or the initiatives like cycling.

    I understand that few points are commonly suggested but if we really think and act, I am sure no one can stop converting this city to Smart city.

    All the best to PMC for such initiatives.

    Adhiraj Gadgil (Punekar)

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  16. Hi,

    This is a very good initiative. Thanks for coming up with this. I hope this does not go into trash as like other government initiative (which generally happens every time). Pune city really needs a solution to fight against rising vehicles, air pollution, increase in cost and time of travel. I think Pune Cycle Plan (PCP) will help in addressing the issue to greater extent.

    I like suggest few things as mentioned below. I would make a clear pointing wherever I feel. Please take this in positive manner.

    – First and most important, do a proper homework on the needs, benefits and challenges in implementing PCP. It is the experience that govt officials fail to do a proper work and then entire project goes on toss.
    – Provide specific cycle tracks. It needs to be ensured that cycle tracks remain open for cyclist only. No encroachments happen on the track. There has to be a constant efforts to put the track clean and usable.
    – Make the tracks from a tar road or concrete. DO NOT USE pavement blocks.
    – Encourage Puniest to use cycles by providing some extra benefits (e.g. Rewarding green points. These points can be redeemed later on for some thing like property tax etc.) This could be done for some initial period to that people will be habitual to use cycle.
    – Connect the cycle tracks with all major transport points such as BRT stops, rickshaw stands etc.
    – Designated FREE parking for cyclist in malls, bus stand, station etc.
    – Involve citizens to let out owned cycles on nominal rent. Many citizens own cycles which remain idle for most of the days. Those could be brought into use.
    – MOST IMPORTANT: Keep City and citizens in focus rather than politicians and contractors.

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    • Thanks for these suggestions.
      Studies currently underway include:
      Survey of current infrastructure including cycle tracks, parking, road widths etc
      Land use studies and mapping of destinations
      Traffic volume studies
      User surveys to assess potential of shifting to cycling
      Studies on nature of trips and origin-destination
      Methods of promotion of cycling, already being used by different workplaces and also by businesses

      Yes we agree – paver blocks / interlocking blocks are not being recommended. Detailed design guidelines will be included in the plan document.


  17. looking at the existing traffic situation, adding one more track on the existing small roads doesnt look feasible,

    Please consider the following points.
    1. Most of the roads have BRT lanes, a strong metal structure above the BRT lanes (Same as a metro flyover) can work as a Cycling Track Expressway.
    2. The elevated track will be very cool, which will be without any Signals/stoppages, attracting more users.
    3. Elevated track will allow restrictions on people who can use it (to stopp bikes)
    4. A new user can buy the standard version of the by-cycle (one time) after which he will be eligible to use the elevated Cycling track facility for the rest of his life.
    5. Anonymous users coming with their own cycles can pay a toll (about 5rs) each way to use the Elevated track.
    6. The flooring of the track can be done with Synthetic tracks (recycled plastic similar to running tracks) with less wear and tear.
    7. Project can start from Hinjawdi as 99% educated people travel daily. (where about 4-5 Lakh people travel in the same direction each day and return in the evening)
    8. Free cycles can be made available at Wakad fly over , which can be dropped at multiple stations till Phase 3.
    9. in the evening MOSTLY the same Cycles will be brought back to Wakad Fly over by the same employees.
    10. After the test run on this Heavily crowded area (Hinjawdi) based on the results, can be implemented on other roads within Pune.


    • Thanks… the Pune Cycle Plan is being prepared for the area under the jurisdiction of the Pune Municipal Corporation. For Wakad and Hinjewadi, please do contact the PCMC and MIDC authorities.


  18. We can have separate roads/ flyovers for cycles -.
    Beautify the path to enjoy cycling ,like a canopy formed by trees planted on both sides.
    Cycle Roads to be broader too.
    Also corporates to be given benefits for encouraging


  19. Nice plan, some suggestions
    1. Cyclist contouring to in air pollution, they should have to get respect
    2. All motor driver should have to maintain safe distance even while they do overtaking.
    3. Air filling pump, at least manual, should have to present every bus stop.
    4. Like brt, Cycle track needs to be design, proper side walls, for safety
    5. Proper slop needs where Cycle track ends, starts or crossing, last week when I went to hadapsar, my cycle tyre get puncher while entering to cycle track, there was sudden concreate cycle tack and just before that there was no proper slop.
    6. Most of area, cycle tracks are missing, in that case foot path can be allowed, for cyclist, in this case first priority will be walkers.
    7. In a month, we need one day as cycle day.

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  20. Good Initiative, of course, this is not the only solution for reducing traffic but can be a partial solution. Few thoughts as below:
    1. There are many open “Nala’s” in Pune. This can be improved my putting underground pipes and use that as dedicated Cycle and walkway network. No 2 wheeler other than cycle should be allowed. It must be under CCTV surveillance. It will achieve 2 goals, improve cleanliness and reduce traffic.
    2. New buses should have cycle carrier in front so people can take long distance as well
    3. Allocate proper free Cycle parking area and locking system.
    4. Implement strict law to protect current cycle paths. They are just created but no one monitors it.

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    • Thanks.
      The possibility of cycle tracks along streams and rivers is being considered (though not necessarily to convert them into piped drains as the city needs also to be prepared for extreme weather events like very high rainfall days)
      The possibility of bicycle clamps on public transport buses is also being discussed with PMPML
      Recommendations will include on cycle parking and enforcement aspects.


  21. If PMC requires plenty of suggestions then the best option is through What’s app. 7 out of 10 mobile, have what’s app on their mobile (Pune). The people here have contributed to a lot but what’s app shall give results in no time. The suggestions will automatically give proper direction to this good cause & deed. See that this is not only a survey & is taken forward practically. Punya Nagari will indeed support such noble & healthy cause. Nevertheless, how many people supported or are supporting to the BRT proposal!!!! Yet PMC took it forward to the authorities well known.
    Before taking it up, please take consensus & plunge into any action to avoid public money waste.
    However, this proposal is best to go with current SMART CITY.

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  22. I think most of the Puneites are IT junta including me. I am the only cyclist in the 7 floor building of ours. To encourage use of it, I would suggest 2 weekdays for cycling to work. Whoever comes to the parking lot with their cycle, the watchman can ask for his employee ID, and in return they can get recharge coupons or something like that. What say, people?

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  23. समस्या आहे ती सार्वजनिक वाहतुकीची . सायकल हे त्याला उत्तर नाही. हे क्रुपया लक्षात घ्या. उत्तम बस, लोकल सर्व्हिस हे उत्तर आहे. निव्वळ कार्यक्षम P.M.P.L.च्या जोरावर पुण्याचा वाहतुकीचा आणि प्रदुषणाचा प्रश्न निकालात निघू शकतो. तज्ज्ञांना याची पूर्ण कल्पना आहे. सिंगापूर हे त्याचे आदर्श उदाहरण. अशा कमी चार चाकी असलेल्या आणि व्यक्तिगत चार चाकी वापरायला बंधने असलेल्या शहरातच सायकल वापरायला उत्तेजन मिळेल. पण सायकल हा पर्याय कामावर जाण्याचा पर्याय होण्याचा काळ संपला आहे. ज्यांनी सिंगापूर पाहिले आहे त्या सर्व पुणेकरांना, नगरसेवकांना, नेत्यांना हे पटल्याशिवाय राहणार नाही.
    …..उमेश जोशी.


  24. Network brts with good footpaths, cycling paths and fobs with ramps. What is required first is to make one safe for cycling. Cycling paths are there on drawing board but in reality shops and hawkers are present. Cars are parked and bikers use them. Police are useless they are mere begging observers and don’t even act on complaints. What will you do by creating more infrastructure when you cannot upkeep what you have and fail to materialise what’s on plans. First get that done properly. Cycle paths lead to dead ends, poorly planned as most have no ramps where they meet junctions too. How can we use what we have firstly when no one is bothered to check how a project is completed or to upkeep it?
    Get your house in order one guardians and things lol automatically get better in terms of green transport like walking and cycling.

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  25. We could get this plan working when more and more Punekars take initiative to travel short distance in city by bicycle. People could be motivated by cycling to office and city rides instead of using poluting vehicals. I assume after watching cyclists many of the people will be inspired to use cycle and make a difrence, we could bring a pollution free day in our Pune city that will be as a gift to our next generation.

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  26. सायकल मुळे रस्त्यावरील इतर वाहनाचा वेग व त्यांना होणार अडथळा कसा कमी होईल ?


  27. सायकल मुले इतर वाहनाचा वेग आणि त्यांना होणार अडथळा कसा कमी होईल ?


  28. उपक्रमाचे स्वागत
    पालिका सायकलसाठी राबवित असलेले उपक्रम स्तूत्य आहे , आमच्या काही अपेक्षा

    १) सायकल ट्रॅक रस्त्याच्या पातळीतच असावे आणि कॉक्रीटचे असावेत. युटीलीटी चेंबर्स,पावसाळी जाळ्या शक्यतो ट्रॅकवर नसाव्यात .

    २) सध्या आधुनिक प्रकारच्या सायकल रस्त्यावर पहायला मिळतात ज्यात सायकलची चाके खूपच कमी जाडीची असतात साधारण २५ मीमी पर्यंत . पावसाळी जाळ्यांच्या बारची रचना अशी असावी कि त्यात सायकलचे चाक अडकू नये. ( Along the cross direction of flow of cycle)

    3) सायकल ट्रॅकची एकूण लांबी वाढवण्यापेक्षा आहे तेच सायकल ट्रॅक सुस्थितीत आणण्याचा प्रयत्न करावा.

    ४) सायकल प्रोत्साहन म्हणून महापालिकेतर्फे सायकल रॅलीचे आयोजन करण्यात यावे.

    ५) सायकलसाठी पार्कींग निशुल्क असावे.ठिकठिकाणी सायकलसाठी स्टॅंड व हवा भरणे,पंक्चर काढणे या सुविधा पालिकेकडून पुरविणे.


  29. Kudos to Commissioner Kunal Kumar on this initiative. Some incentives to those who use bicycles will be welcome, e.g. free tyre inflation, low-cost maintenance, low-cost helmets, some form of recognition for reducing pollution and congestion, special discount coupons for some food / shopping items, discount on road tax or other PMC taxes.

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  30. नमस्कार! खूप छान उपक्रम. सायकल मार्ग या आधी ही बनवले होते. त्या अनुभवाचा निश्चित ऊपयोग होईल.
    1. सायकल मार्ग अस्फाल्ट चे करावे. पेवमेंट ब्लाॅक्स नकोत. Experts याची कारणे देऊ शकतील.
    2. सायकल मार्ग फक्त आणि फक्त सायकलींसाठीच वापरले जातील असे नियम असावेत. बॅरिकेड्स लावावे. आजवरचा अनुभव म्हणजे कुत्री, टू व्हीलर, पार्क केलेल्या गाड्या आणि पादचारी या सगळ्यांमधून मार्ग काढावा लागतो.
    3. सायकल स्टँड फार महत्वाचे. मार्गावर विशिष्ट अंतरावर हे स्टॅन्ड असावेत.
    लवकरात लवकर हे सायकल मार्ग बघायला मिळतील अशी आशा करतो. शुभेच्छा!

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  31. City should be equipped with an elaborate network of cycle paths and lane,so safe and comfortable that even toddlers and elderly people use cycle as easiest mode of transport.


  32. Very nice initiative if implemented properly….else its waste of Public Money.

    My recommendation is; all educational institutes ban motorcycles to their premises and allow only bicycles to bring in to Schools/colleges… If students commute by motor bikes or cars, they must park it min 3 km away from schools/colleges.. At these parking lots there should be a provision to park their own bicycles or have a provision to rent a bicycle. Similarly this can be implemented for Factories / offices. The only provision required is to have muti-level parking for motor bikes and smooth and convenient process to rent a bicycles….If facilities are good in quality, success is sure.

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  33. Pune BRTS the way it is architect and presented to Citizens of Pune is Worst and nothing Worst is Possible to imagine. Convert Present BRTS routes into Cycle Tracks. Rather than thinking of 3 years or 5 years Tenure by Kunal Kumar or looking at the Elections of 2017 by Politicians, everyone must imagine beyond Horizons, then the things will move and a sustainable Pune Smart City can be presented to Citizens of Pune.


  34. Pune traffic has exploded with the growing IT sector and growing population.. Getting from point A to B has started taking almost double the time . There is complete chaos on the roads even though some roads have been widened. With no lane discipline it has become extremely dangerous to drive let alone cycle.
    The BRTS should definitely be considered to be made into a cycling track for all citizens to use which intern reduce traffic pollution and accidents.
    People from the grass route level to the affluent and corporate level can all use the track . Some of the BRTS bus stations can be converted into convientent stores and refreshment centers which can help cyclists. We seriously need to make this our priority. Our kids will benefit from this and would be thankful for a fitter healthier PUNE


    • Thanks for your suggestion. Please would you clarify if you are suggesting that cycle tracks be made along BRT corridors. Or are you suggesting that the the dedicated bus lanes should be made into cycles lanes.


      • I am suggesting converting the present BRTS route into a cycling track as it would accommodate plenty of cyclists. Also it would be a safe option as the BRTS has been barricaded. It would put all cyclist centre stage and encourage more people to get on cycles.
        As for public transport they could use existing roads. Clean and well maintained new buses ( ac busses can be considered) would automatically encourage people to use them .


  35. This is a very good plan. There are many cycling enthusiasts in Pune who would readily leave aside their motor cycles or cars if proper infrastructure for cycling is available. Safety of life is of utmost priority. Many people fear cycling nowadays because traffic has increased substantially. Also flouting traffic rules has become the norm. And the traffic police are mute spectators. They should be strict with the anyone not obeying the rules. This includes both two and four wheelers. Only when there is discipline on the road will people feel safe to ride their bicycles. Proper lanes should be provided to ensure cyclists’ safety.

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  36. Nice proposal.

    FYI: In 2008 Pune commissionaire requested to PMC employee to have Cycle ride once in week to office. From then group of employees from our organisation on every Wednesday we celebrate NVD (No vehicle Day). On June 8th 2016 we celebrated our 419th NVD (as we missed few as holidays or other reasons). In spite of summer/ winter/ rainy season few of us cycled to office distance as much as 18K on one side regularly.

    For this we need employee’s metal determination and also support from office. We had enough determination and got same level of support from office also. They provided us thing like separate cycle stand, shower room, forum for discussion, encouragement etc.

    No I am not telling/ writing you to exhibit our achievement but to make you clear that in-spite of PMC support and PMC citizen’s willingness; there is also need of support from offices where people will be commuting.

    PMC should make sure to implement some plan so that various companies encourage their employees to participate in this activity like ours.

    Few additional things I will request you that :
    1) most of roads should have enough lights so we can ride safely if we have to leave the office late due to work and/ or meetings
    2) Provision for puncture and feeling air on most of the route from 7AM to 10PM even self service station will do. Provision of drinking water at this self service puncture station.
    3) If I am not asking too much ( 🙂 ); Cycle carrier at back of PMPML buses if in case of emergency/ accident to carry cycle back to home.
    4) Try to cover all the roads from both side by huge trees like one we have after Hoalkar bridge to Khadki bazaar to prevent drop out of cyclist in rainy an summer seasons. This is long term goal (at least 10 years 🙂 )
    5) To encourage if possible please start some portal on net where people can report there achievement proudly like KM they ride, Liter of fuel they have saved & amount of C02 and CO they avoided. Same is initiated in our organisation and working well.

    Thanks a lot for this initiative. To start with if not all; even few of this demand if fulfilled; will be most appreciated.


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  37. छान उपक्रम आहे. माझाही पाठिंबा आहे. सायकल ट्रक पुर्ण ठिक केल्यास लोक जास्त करून सायकल वापरतील. मी तर नक्कीच वापरील.

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  38. It is a great idea to promote cycle. In my opinion it is not a good idea to have dedicated cycle track on city roads. Ever inch of road space has to be shared among all vehicles in a populated city like Pune. Painted tracks is good low cost solution. Additionally please consider subsidy or tax benefit on battery operated cycles(E-bikes). E-bikes will help to travel longer distances.

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  39. Ms Sangita Desadla, Traffic Dept, Pune Municipal Corporation, 3rd Floor, Veer Savarkar Bhawan,

    माननीय महोदया

    हे सर्व (cycle tracks) सायकल-मार्ग,
    सर्व प्रकारच्या दुचाकी वाहनांसाठी ठेवल्यास, शहरातील एकूण वाहतूक चांगली व सुरळीत होण्यास मोलाची मदत होईल.

    एक दुसरा व्यवहारिक पर्याय म्हणजे…हे मार्ग फक्त (motored two wheelers) मोटरसायकल्स व स्कुटर्ससाठी वापरावेत आणि फक्त सायकल्ससाठी (पण रहदारीच्या रस्त्यांपासून दूर असे) काही नवीन मार्ग प्रत्येक विभागात हळूहळू, नव्याने निर्माण करावेत…ज्यांचा उपयोग सायकल वापरणारे वा सायकलप्रेमी करु शकतील.

    वरील सूचनेमागे मूळ मुद्दा हा की पुणे खूप वर्षांपूर्वी ‘सायकलींचे शहर’ होते; आता ते मोटरसायकल्स व स्कुटर्सचे झालेले आहे. ही वस्तुस्थिती, या बाबतीत निर्णय घेणाऱ्यांच्या लक्षात कशी येत नाही व नागरिक अशा सूचनांना भक्कम पाठिंबा का देत नाहीत !

    -s.subhashkpmi on Facebook

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  40. मा.संपादक आणि संपादकीय मंडळ यांस-

    माननीय महोदय,

    हे सर्व (cycle tracks) सायकल-मार्ग,
    सर्व प्रकारच्या दुचाकी वाहनांसाठी ठेवल्यास, शहरातील एकूण वाहतूक चांगली व सुरळीत होण्यास मोलाची मदत होईल.

    एक दुसरा व्यवहारिक पर्याय म्हणजे…हे मार्ग फक्त (motored two wheelers) मोटरसायकल्स व स्कुटर्ससाठी वापरावेत आणि फक्त सायकल्ससाठी (पण रहदारीच्या रस्त्यांपासून दूर असे) काही नवीन मार्ग प्रत्येक विभागात हळूहळू, नव्याने निर्माण करावेत…ज्यांचा उपयोग सायकल वापरणारे वा सायकलप्रेमी करु शकतील.

    वरील सूचनेमागे मूळ मुद्दा हा की पुणे खूप वर्षांपूर्वी ‘सायकलींचे शहर’ होते; आता ते मोटरसायकल्स व स्कुटर्सचे झालेले आहे. ही वस्तुस्थिती, या बाबतीत निर्णय घेणाऱ्यांच्या लक्षात कशी येत नाही व नागरिक अशा सूचनांना भक्कम पाठिंबा का देत नाहीत !


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  41. एकच विनंती आहे.
    सायकल ट्रॅक (जर करणार असलात तर) डांबरी किंवा कॉंक्रीटचा करा प्लीज. पेवमेंट ब्लॉक्सचा सायकल ट्रॅक करणाऱ्यांनी स्वत: कधी सायकल चालवली असेल का हाच मुळात संशोधनाचा विषय होऊ शकतो. माननीयांनी सायकल ट्रॅकवर प्लॅनींग करण्याआधी स्वत: कमीतकमी महीनाभर स्वत: रस्त्यावर सायकल चालवून पहा. खूप चांगले निर्णय घेऊ शकाल. सायकल पार्कींग, सायकली भाड्याने उपलब्ध करणे, सायकल पार्क्स, कर्मचाऱ्यांना इंन्सेन्टीव्ज, कॅरी इन ॲट हॉटेल्स, सायक्लींग क्लब्ज भरपूर आहेत त्यांना कमिटीवर स्थान देणे, त्यांच्या सूचना मागवणे परदेश दौरे करून तिथल्या सायक्लींग प्लॅनिंगची माहीती घेणे (हे सर्वांनाच आवडेल 🙂 खूप काही होऊ शकतं. फक्त इच्छा हवी. ऑल द बेस्ट!!!!

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  42. पुणे तिथे काय उणे.सायकल ट्रक ही सुंदर कल्पना आहे.
    भविष्यात सायकल वरती सगळे जण कामावर जायला निघतील त्यावेळी नकळत आपण आरोग्य, प्रदुषण, ट्राफिक जाम, वेळ या सगळ्या गोष्टींवरती ताबा मिळवू शकू.या संकल्पनेसाठी आम्हा सर्वांचा कायम पांठिबा राहील.

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  43. We are thankfull to the PMC for preparing tracks for cycling, I hope you consider the following :
    1. Give priorities for safety of the cyclists, prepare tracks without any obstruction.
    2. educate people about cycling.
    3. explain importance of cycling v.ia media like fm radio, tv , newspaper.
    4. declare some hours for cycling in the morning and evening.
    5. also ask the heavy vehicular drivers to respect and take care of people riding cycles and other vehicles too.
    6 Arrange some cycling event like marathon.

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  44. We need to have proper cycling track exclusively to be used by cyclist. Cycle tracks on extreme left or right are used by people for parking. If we have cycle tracks parallel to BRT in middle of road, that will be an example not only in India but also throughout world. These tracks in the middle of road will be used exclusively by cyclist. Also people travelling from both sides will observe cyclist riding comfortably and will take inspiration to start cycling.

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  45. Just awesome I really hope this is not a pipe dream but the project sees the light of day.Pune was a cycling city and should be a pioneer and a shining example for other cities to follow.

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  46. When number of people commuting by Bicycles increase, the infrastructure for cycling will get developed automatically. I am commuting to office for last 4 years on Pune roads. I see very less number of people make use of bicycle for commuting to office daily.

    For more than a year I am dreaming of hosting big bicycle exhibition where not only Indian bicycles but to exhibit imported bicycles with gears like helmets, hand gloves, riding jackets, shoes, speedometers, safety lights etc. The exhibition need to be similar like Sakal Utsav, Times Shopping festival etc. When a person see such kind of enlightening things, he/she feel like going for it. This is one of the way to increase use of bicycles in Pune.

    Other ways are, ask private companies to give cycle allowance to the employees commuting daily by bicycles. Pune Corporation should do small things like give flower to the people commuting on bicycles or clap in public to encourage people commuting on bicycles .

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  47. We need to use the term ‘500 motorised two wheelers’ instead of bikes (which can be confused with bicycles).. As we discussed, we also need specific efforts to keep students cycling and capacity building to ensure that behavior shifts actually occur after due inputs are received by public at large. We need to make cycling more convenient and a looked upon mode of movement – a ‘Ferrari of the future’. Need to think and create programs and mechanisms for individuals to feel proud of cycling,.. … Some ideas that were suggested could well be spelt out – like most convenient and visible parking slots for Biclycles. Vallet parking for bicycles in ‘high places’ like the 5 star hotels … seek such support from these places for demonstrating that cycling is ‘cool’.

    Also required are painted lanes for cyclists all over the place. This will provide big time visibility of intent with relatively lower spend for the PMC.

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