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Pune Cycle Plan is being prepared under the aegis of the Pune Municipal Corporation.


According to the Urban and Regional Development Plans Formulation and Implementation (URDPFI) Guidelines, 2005 published by the Government of India, Ministry of Urban Development:

The approach of planning should be shifted from top‐down to bottom‐up approach to
make planning process more inclusive, comprehensive, and sustainable. Greater
public acceptability is desirable, to ensure that plans are relevant. People can
participate in the development process in the following realms:

  • Pre‐plan participation in decision making in vision development, for identification of development priorities.
  • Post‐plan participation before finalisation and implementation of development programmes and priorities.
  • Participation during implementation and evaluation of development programmes and project.
  • Participation and sharing the benefits of development, managing the assets etc.
  • e‐Platform and crowd sourcing are coming up as new modes of obtaining feedback speedily.

Keeping these new URDPFI Guidelines in view, Pune Municipal Corporation has initiated the preparation of the Pune Cycle Plan in a participatory mode.